Dimes Square, by Matthew Gasda, returns May 20, 22, and 23 at 432 Hudson Street in the West Village. Tickets are available here.

The video above is of scene 7 of Dimes Square. It was shot during our first run at Ty’s Loft in Greenpoint. I play Dave; Bijan Stephen plays Klay; Fernanda Amis plays Olivia; Bob Laine plays Chris; Cassidy Grady plays Rosie. Here’s what I wrote about this bit last week (when I did not yet have the option of posting video to Substack):

I play a second-act comic relief character called Dave, a novelist. There are many appealing things about playing Dave. He talks shit, he yells, he flirts, he delivers lots of lines that usually get laughs. He pulls out a lollipop for no apparent reason. It’s unclear whether he’s a has-been or a burnout. He doesn’t think so himself, but just about everyone else does. He comments on the younger people both as a literary critic and as a longtime scenester. I suppose he represents certain values associated with Gen X such as: not selling out, not giving a fuck, and irony. He launches into a monologue that’s essentially a book review. I did not write this monologue and had a difficult time memorizing it. The reason it was hard to learn is that some of it doesn’t make sense. It’s easier to memorize words when they follow each other logically. Dave is giving a confused pseudo-Freudian reading of another character’s novel, and because he’s drunk and high and not particularly interested in delivering a refined critique so much as expressing disdain or disgust (and a sense of betrayal), his reading is confused. Once I got it down, it was a lot of fun.